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Industrial PCI to 8 Port Serial RS232 Control Card with Widely Application


  • Model: BM-00006
  • Shipping Weight: 3.88lbs
  • 100 Units in Stock


The card is a top choice of industrial automation engineers and system integrators, and support many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and DOS. In addition, each of the boards' 8 RS232 ports support a super fast 921.6 Kpbs baud rate.

New version PCI card 8 serial (with Systembase chipset) offers users a basic, high performance multiport serial for connecting terminals, modems, printers, data acquisition equipment, and other serial devices to a PC.


* Automated teller machine
* Bar-code reader
* Digital Camera
* Digitizing Tablet
* External Modem
* Finger Print Identification
* Infra-Red Transceiver
* Magnetic Card Reader
* PDAs
* POS Devices
* Multi-modem Dial-up sever etc.


1. Data transmission speed up to 921.6 Kbps.
2. Surge Protection and Optical Isolation available as optional.
3. I/O Controller: Built-In eight improved 16C1050 UART with 256-byte Deep FIFO
4. By using automatic data transfers and assign IRQ & I/O address.
5. Supports IRQ share for PCI.
6. No need of switches and jumpers and all the settings are done by software.
7. On-chip hardware flow control resistors guarantee data integrity.
8. Standard v2.3 PCI, support 32bit PCI bus, bus speed up to 66/33MHZ.
9. Supported OS: DOS, Linux2.4, Linux2.6, Win98, Win2000, WinXP 32/64bit, Win2003, Vista 32/64bit, Win2008, Win 7 32/64bit, etc.

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