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DDR2 RAM for Desktop 2GB~4GB

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Product parameter:



Applicable type


RAM type


RAM capacity

1Gb 2Gb 4Gb/piece

RAM frequency

800 667 533 Mhz


Desktop DDR2 800Mhz RAM Compatible with 667Mhz 533Mhz
Desktop DDR2 667Mhz RAM Compatible with 533Mhz
Desktop DDR2 533Mhz RAM

1.  lifetime warranty
2.  100% New and Brand
3.  Quality very good
4.  Capacity have  1Gb/piece   2Gb/piece   4Gb/piece
5. DDR2 RAM frequency have DDR2 800Mhz / ddr2 667Mhz / ddr2 533Mhz
.. For AMD ddr2 800 1Gb .. For AMD ddr2 667 1Gb .. For AMD ddr2 533 1Gb
.. For AMD ddr2 800 2Gb .. For AMD ddr2 667 2Gb .. For AMD ddr2 533 2Gb
.. For AMD ddr2 800 4Gb .. For AMD ddr2 667 4Gb .. For AMD ddr2 533 4Gb
Name with "For AMD" suit for all AMD CPU motherboard ,  Intel can not use this!!!

.. for all ddr2 800 1Gb .. for all ddr2 667 1Gb .. for all ddr2 533 1Gb
.. for all ddr2 800 2Gb .. for all ddr2 667 2Gb .. for all ddr2 533 2Gb
Name with " for all " can work on all motherboard.   Both Intel and AMD  can use this!!!


RAM have wide plate and narrow plate.
Wide plate or narrow plate to use is the same , does not affect the use , random delivery .
Before purchasing rams, please confirm which model is suitable for your Desktop/Laptop, usual models are as bellow:
DDR  type:
PC-2100   = DDR 266MHZ
PC-2700   = DDR 333MHZ
PC-3200   = DDR 400MHZ (Compatible with DDR1 333MHZ, DDR1 266MHZ)
DDR2 type:
PC2-4200 = DDR2 533MHZ
PC2-5300  = DDR2 667MHZ
PC2-6400  = DDR2 800MHZ (Compatible with DDR2 667MHZ, DDR2 533MHZ)
DDR3 type:
PC3-8500  = DDR3 1066MHZ
PC3-10600 = DDR3 1333MHZ(Compatible with DDR3 1066MHZ )
PC3-12800 = DDR3 1600MHZ (Compatible with DDR3 1333MHZ, DDR3 1066MHZ )

Attention:  DDR , DDR2 & DDR3 work in different voltage, cannot be compatible each other, please don't try with wrong slot .

If you don't know about frequency of your computer, please confirsm with software CPU-Z, or contact with us.

The Recognition of XP is around 3GB
The Recognition of Win 7 32Bit is around 2.26-4.5GB

Pins of Memory Ram
DDR  for Desktop =184 pins
DDR  for Laptop  =200 pins
DDR2 for Desktop =240 pins
DDR2 for Laptop  =200 pins
DDR3 for Desktop =240 pins
DDR3 for Laptop  =204 pins

CAS Latency (CL)
333Mhz   = 2.5
400Mhz   = 3
533Mhz   = 4
667Mhz   = 5
800Mhz   = 6
1333Mhz  = 9

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